Ways To Improve Your Dental Hygiene Routine

We have a lifelong responsibility to care for our teeth. Over time, though, our dental hygiene habits can become lax, opening up the possibility of cavities, gum disease, or other oral health issues. 

Our dentists in Clearwater, Florida, recommend each of our patients review their oral hygiene routines and look for areas of improvement.

Start With a Clean Slate

Establishing or improving a dental hygiene regimen works best when your teeth and gums are as healthy as they can be from the start. A visit to Belleair Smiles, where the best dentist in Clearwater, Florida, can provide a thorough examination, and tooth cleaning is an excellent way to begin new habits with a fresh start. A dental cleaning removes tartar and plaque buildup and makes brushing and flossing that much more effective.

Watch Your Diet

Keeping your smile bright and healthy involves more than just surface cleaning. What you ingest plays a vital role in the health of your teeth and gums.

Eat more fiber-rich foods. As we chew, the fiber helps to keep our teeth clean, and it promotes saliva production. Healthy saliva production benefits teeth as it helps clean and brings necessary minerals to the enamel.

Increase dairy products: Dairy provides hefty doses of calcium for strong enamel and gets the saliva flowing.

Avoid sticky, acidic, or sugary foods. At the very least, limit these types of goodies, and brush and floss well when you’re done.

Stay hydrated. Water is excellent for our bodies and our teeth. If you use bottled water, ask your dentist about getting the needed fluoride in your diet.

Slow Down

Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth twice a day for two minutes at each brush, and this doesn’t include time for flossing, mouthwash, or other treatment regimens. However, most of us only come well under half that amount of time.

Allow plenty of time to brush the surface of each tooth and for flossing. Don’t forget to scrub your tongue while you’re at it, too. Set a time or cue up a favorite song and brush until the end if you need an incentive to reach that important two-minute time recommendation.

Set Reminders

Most of us have a morning routine down pat — jobs, school, and day-to-day activities dictate our morning rhythms, making it easy to remember brushing and flossing. Nighttime is when things may fall apart, and we rush through our cleanings or forget altogether.

Set a nightly reminder on your phone for brushing, flossing, and mouthwash routines. While you’re at it, put a separate reminder to contact your Clearwater dentistry team to make that cleaning appointment.

Our Belleair Smiles dental clinic is all about helping you reach your smile goals. Contact the office today for more information or schedule an appointment so our dentists in Clearwater, Florida help you get on track with your oral hygiene routine.