Are Dental Veneers Right for You?

If you are looking for a minimally invasive procedure to fix a chipped or broken tooth, you may want to consider a dental veneer. This solution includes a thin, custom-made shell that aims to change the appearance of your teeth. These shells can be made from resin or porcelain.

At Belleair smiles, we offer different types of veneers. In this article, we break down what dental veneers are and how to tell if they are the right option for you.

Different Types of Dental Veneers: Porcelain

As the name suggests, porcelain veneers are made from porcelain. For this type of veneer, your dentist will make an impression of your teeth to create a mold. They will then prepare your teeth for the placement procedure. Some dentists may use technology to create an exact impression of the teeth. Finally, your dentist will bond the veneer to your teeth.

Different Types of Dental Veneers: Resin

Composite resin veneers differ from porcelain veneers in process. For this veneer, your dentist will have to apply several layers of composite materials to your etched teeth. Your dentist will then finish the process by hardening the layers using a special light.

Natural Appearance

A dental veneer fits perfectly and naturally to your dental set of teeth. Your dentist will prepare the mold as per your needs. Therefore, you can be sure of experiencing little to no changes when placed. Though the process can take quite a while, you will achieve the perfect smile with an excellent set of teeth.

Minimally Invasive

You don’t have to endure invasive procedures to correct your dental problems with different veneers. No-prep veneers offer an only-enamel prep before placing the veneers. These veneers don’t require local anesthesia. Porcelain and complete resin will require the dentist to scrub the enamel and prepare them for the shells. This process may take some time and will need anesthesia.

Aftercare will include:

  • Taking care of the veneers lest they crack
  • Avoiding biting into hard objects
  • Maintaining oral hygiene

Benefits of Dental Veneers

There are several advantages of dental veneers:

  • They have a natural appearance
  • Veneers gel well with the gums
  • They are strong
  • They are minimally invasive

Placing dental veneers is an irreversible process. Therefore, take your time to make a decision.

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