Clear Braces

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Each year millions of Americans invest in orthodontics to help straighten and improve their smiles. Clear braces or aligners are a great alternative to traditional metal braces. Braces are used to help re-position teeth, correct an overbite, and improve someone’s function and appearance. Some people prefer clear braces because they are nearly invisible but also removable. In many cases, clear braces can be used prior to other necessary dental treatment like dental crowns, bridges or veneers.

Many patients opt for clear braces because they make it easier to clean your teeth and gums compared to traditional braces. When someone has severe crowding it makes it difficult to clean around the teeth – now add brackets and wires and it can create a nightmare for good oral hygiene! Clear braces help decrease the amount of plaque accumulations and also the risk for tooth decay.

While traditional braces can be uncomfortable and cause mouth irritation like sores, clear braces are easy to adapt to and make the orthodontic process simple and enjoyable. Clear braces are one of the easiest ways to discreetly transform your smile and build your confidence.
At Belleair Smiles, our compassionate doctors and team offer the highest level of treatment and the most advanced technology to give you the smile you have always dreams of. 

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