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Missing teeth can be devastating to many people because it affects your appearance and the way you speak and chew. There is no question that dental implants are the most popular and effective solution to replace missing teeth or stabilize a mobile denture. An implant offers the most permanent solution for a lifetime of natural tooth replacement and an improved quality of life.

A dental implant works by an implant screw being anchored into your jawbone, acting as the root of the tooth. Once your gentle surgical process is complete and healed, you will plan for a custom restoration like a crown or bridge. This may sound like a complex process, but rest assured that your experienced doctors at Bellair Smiles are highly qualified and have been offering comprehensive, compassionate dental implant care for many years.

If you have a removable partial or full denture, you may be looking for more security and comfort through the use of an implant-retained denture. This works by having a denture anchored to at least two implants that keep the denture stable during chewing and speaking. An implant retained denture will help maintain your jaw bone strength and restore a lifetime of more natural tooth function.

Dental implants are an investment into your dental and overall health. It is also an investment into your self-esteem so that you can comfortably go to work and social events feeling your absolute best. Unlike many dental chains or discount dental clinics, we will spend the time and resources for you to understand the entire dental implant process. This includes the upfront costs, treatment plan, surgical process, and restorative options. At Belleair Smiles, we are here to focus on you, the patient, and help guide you to meet all of your smile needs. 


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