Root Canals

Root canal image

Most people frown at the idea of a root canal, but truthfully it is one of the simplest procedures that helps restore and “save” your tooth. A root canal is essentially no more challenging or uncomfortable than a conventional dental filling. 

When tooth decay is small enough it can usually get treated with a traditional dental filling. However, when tooth decay extends to the pulp of the tooth, the tooth and roots need to be properly cleaned and disinfected to preserve the tooth. After the removal of tooth decay and cleaning of the roots, your skilled dentist will seal the tooth from bacteria and plan for a custom crown to preserve and protect your tooth.

At Belleair Smiles, root canal treatment helps relieve pain from a toothache and is a major step in restoring your dental health. Most people can eat comfortably soon after the procedure and smile quickly as without a root canal, a tooth may be lost!

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