Tooth Colored Filing

Tooth colored fillings image

If you happen to develop tooth decay, you are certainly not alone. Tooth decay is caused by poor brushing and flossing habits and from the frequency of sugar we consume in our diets. Fortunately, a filling is a simple and painless procedure to help restore your teeth.

At Belleair Smiles, we recommend tooth colored fillings as a restoration. Tooth colored fillings are a great solution for small to medium sized cavities because they can strongly bond to your teeth and unlike older mercury amalgam fillings, they don’t break down and leak. Most importantly to many people, they will look so natural, you won’t even be able to discriminate between your filling and actual tooth.

A dental filling is important to get treated early to prevent future problems and need more costly and time consuming dental work. Our highly trained dentists at Belleair Smiles will help restore you teeth to look just like your natural tooth with a tooth colored filling so you will proudly share your smile!